Italian Directions

These are expressions used when giving or getting directions in Italian. Very useful when trying to find your way around or when lost.

Excuse me! (to ask someone): Mi scusi
Can you show me?: Puoi farmi vedere?
I'm lost: Mi sono perso
I'm not from here: Non sono del luogo
Can I help you?: Ha bisogno di aiuto?
Can you help me?: Può aiutarmi?
It's near here: è qui vicino
It's far from here: è lontano da qui
Go straight: Procedi dritto
Turn left: Gira a sinistra
Turn right: Gira a destra
One moment please!: Aspetta un attimo, per favore
Come with me!: Vieni con me
How can I get to the museum? : Come posso arrivare al museo?
How long does it take to get there?: Quanto ci vuole ad arrivarci
Downtown (city center): In centro

The following are words which might be used alone or in combination with other words to ask or give directions.

Near: Vicino
Far: Lontano
Right: Destra
Left: Sinistra
Straight: Dritto
Here: Qui
To walk: Camminare
To drive: Guidare
To turn: Svoltare
Traffic light: Semaforo

We hope you will not need to ask for directions in Italian. If you do need help then the above sentences are essential. Check our menu above to select another topic or click the "Next" button to view the next lesson.

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