Estonian Family

This is a list of words about family in Estonian. You can name people such as your relatives as well as extended family this way.

Daughter: tütar
Son: poeg
Sister: õde
Brother: vend
Baby: beebi
Child (m): laps
Child (f): laps
Father: isa
Mother: ema
Husband: abikaasa
Wife: abikaasa
Cousin (m): tädipoeg / onupoeg
Cousin (f): täditütar / onutütar
Aunt: tädi
Uncle: onu
Grandfather: vanaisa
Grandmother: vanaema
Nephew: õepoeg / vennapoeg
Niece: õetütar / vennatütar
Man: mees
Woman: naine
Boy: poiss
Girl: tüdruk
People: inimesed

These examples show how family words are used in a Estonian sentence. Very useful when socializing with other people. This can also show you how to ask questions.

What's your brother called?: Mis su venna nimi on?
How old is your sister?: Kui vana su õde on?
Where does your father work?: Kus su isa töötab?
Your daughter is very cute: Su tütar on väga armas
I love my husband: Ma armastan oma abikaasat
This is my wife:

With the above list you will be able to discuss how many siblings you have or ask others about their family. Now let's go to the next topic by clicking the "Next" button. Or simply choose your own topic from the menu above.

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