Yoruba Body Parts

This is a list of body parts in Yoruba. This can enable you describe parts of the human body with ease. We focused on the main used ones.

Mouth: ẹnu
Nose: imu
Tongue: Ahọ́n
Teeth: Ẹ̀yin
Ear: eti
Eye: oju
Face: oju
Head: ori
Neck: Ọrùn
Arm: Apá
Shoulder: Èjìká
Chest: Àyà
Back: Ẹ̀yìn
Fingers: Awon ika owo
Feet: atelese
Hair: irun
Hand: owo
Heart: okan
Leg: ẹsẹ
Stomach: Ikùn

These samples show how body parts are used in Yoruba. You will learn how to use nouns (parts of the body) with adjectives and prepositions (such as the preposition "with").

She has beautiful eyes: Ojú rẹ̀ rẹwà
You hear with your ears: Etí rẹ ni o fi ngbọ́ràn
We see with our eyes: Ojú wa ni a fi nriràn
I smell with my nose: Mo nfi imú mi gbóórùn
He feels with his hand: Ó nfi ọwọ́ rẹ̀ kàn nkan
She tastes with her tongue: Ó nfi ahọn rẹ̀ tọ́ nnkan wò

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