Uzbek Weather

This is a list of words about the weather in Uzbek. That way you can describe what kind of weather and temperature it is where you live.

Cloudy: bulutli
Cold: sovuq
Foggy: Tuman
Humid: Nam
Hot: issiq
Warm: Iliq
Rain: yomg'ir
Rainy: yomg'irli
Snow: qor
Snowing: qor yog'ish
Sun: Quyosh
Sunny: quyoshli
Wind: Shamol
Windy: shamolli
Spring: bahor
Summer: yoz
Autumn: kuz
Winter: qish
Umbrella: soyabon
Storm: Kuchli shamol

These examples put some of the above words about weather in a sentence to show you how those expressions can be used.

Today is nice weather: Bugun ob-havo yaxshi
Yesterday was bad weather: Kecha ob-havo yomon edi
It is raining: Yomg'ir yog'yapti
It is sunny: Quyosh charaqlayapti
It is windy: Shamol esyapti
It is cold: Sovuq

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