Uzbek Colors

This is a list of colors in Uzbek. This will help you find ways to describe the colors of clothes, objects and much more.

Black: qora
Blue: k'ok, zangori
Brown: jigar rang
Gray: kul rang
Green: yashil
Orange: zarg'aldoq rangli
Red: qizil
White: oq
Yellow: sariq
Dark color: to'q rang
Light color: och rang
Colors: ranglar

These examples show how colors are used in Uzbek. This is a good way to demonstrate how adjectives (colors) are used with nouns and verbs.

The sky is blue: Osmon ko'k
Your cat is white: Sening mushuging oq
Black is his favorite color: Qora uning sevimli rangi
Red is not his favorite color: Qizil uning sevimli rangi e'mas
She drives a yellow car: U sariq rangli avtomobil haydaydi
I have black hair: Mening sochim qora

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