Tajik Questions

This page provides information about the questions in Tajik, also called the interrogative form. This will enable you to ask people about different topics.

How?: чӣ хел?
čī hel?
What?: чӣ?
Who?: кӣ?
Why?: барои чӣ?
baroi čī?
Where?: дар куҷо? Канӣ?
dar kuҷo? Kanī?
When?: кай?

These are sentences which include the above tools to ask questions. Asking questions is a very good way to learn a language or start a conversation.

What is this called?: Номи ин чист?
Nomi in čist?
Why is it expensive?: Чаро ин гарон аст?
Čaro in garon ast?
How would you like to pay?: шумо чи тарз мехохед пардохт намоед?
šumo či tarz mehohed pardoht namoed?
Can I come?: оё ман метавонам биёям?
oë man metavonam biëâm?
Do you know her?: Шумо уро мешиносед?
Šumo uro mešinosed?
How difficult is it?: Ин чи кадар мушкил аст?
In či kadar muškil ast?
Can I help you?: Оё метавонам бароятон кумак кунам?
Oë metavonam baroâton kumak kunam?
Can you help me?: Шумо метавонед ба ман кумак намоед?
Šumo metavoned ba man kumak namoed?
Do you speak English?: Шумо бо забони англиси гап мезанед?
Šumo bo zaboni anglisi gap mezaned?
How far is this?: Ин чи кадар дур аст?
In či kadar dur ast?
What time is it?: Соат чанд аст?
Soat čand ast?
How much is this?: Нархи ин чанд аст?
Narhi in čand ast?
What is your name?: Номи шумо чист?
Nomi šumo čist?
Where do you live?: Шумо дар кучо зиндаги мекунед?
Šumo dar kučo zindagi mekuned?
When can we meet?: Мо кай метавонем вохурем?
Mo kaj metavonem vohurem?
Who is knocking at the door?: Ки дарро зада истодааст?
Ki darro zada istodaast?

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