Tajik Jobs

This is a list of jobs in Tajik. This will help you describe what you do for a living. It is especially useful when introducing yourself.

Doctor: духтур
Policeman: корманди полис
kormandi polis
Teacher: омўзгор, муаллим
omŭzgor, muallim
Businessman: точир
Student: донишҷӯ
Singer: сароянда
Engineer: мухандис
Artist: Рассом, наккош
Rassom, nakkoš
Actor: Накшгар
Actress: Накшгар
Nurse: хамшираи шавкат
hamširai šavkat
Translator: тарчумон

These examples will help you answer the question "What do you do?" or "What do you do for a living?". Note how the personal pronouns are used with the nouns in this sentence.

I'm looking for a job: Ман дунболи ёфтани кор хастам
Man dunboli ëftani kor hastam
I'm an artist: Ман рассом хастам
Man rassom hastam
He is a policeman: Вай корманди полис аст
Vaj kormandi polis ast
She is a singer: У сароянда хаст
U saroânda hast
I'm a new employee: Ман корманди нав мебошам
Man kormandi nav mebošam
I have a long experience: Ман тачрибаи зиёд дорам
Man tačribai ziëd doram

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