Swedish Imperative

Here are examples for the imperative in Swedish. This includes expressions of making requests, giving orders or simply asking someone to do something.

Go!: Gå!
Stop!: stanna!
Don't Go!: gå inte!
Stay!: stanna!
Leave!: gå!
Come here!: kom hit!
Go there!: gå dit!
Enter (the room)!: Kom in (i rummet)!
Speak!: prata!
Be quiet!: var tyst!
Turn right: sväng höger
Turn left: sväng vänster
Go straight: gå rakt
Wait!: vänta!
Let's go!: Vi går!
Be careful!: var försiktig!
Sit down!: sätt dig!
Let me show you!: låt mig visa dig!
Listen!: lyssna!
Write it down!: skriv ner det!

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