Swedish Greetings

This is a list of greetings in Swedish. Helpful when trying to check how others are doing or feeling during different times of the day.

Hi!: Hej!
Good morning!: God morgon!
Good afternoon!: God middag!
Good evening!: God kväll!
Welcome!: Välkommen!
How are you? (friendly): Hur mår du? (vänskapligt)
How are you? (polite): Hur står det till? (artigt)
What's up? (colloquial) : Hur är läget? (vardagligt)
I'm fine, thank you!: Jag mår bra tack!
And you? (friendly): Och du? (vänskapligt)
And you? (polite): Och ni? (artigt)
Good: Bra
Bad: Dåligt
Happy: Glad
Sad: Ledsen
Thank you!: Tack!
Thank you very much!: Tack så mycket!
You're welcome!: Det var så lite / Varsågod
Have a nice day!: Ha en trevlig dag!
Good night!: God natt!
See you later!: Vi ses!
Have a good trip!: Ha en trevlig resa!
It was nice talking to you!: Det var treligt att prata med dig!

The above greetings in Swedish are essential to daily conversations. You are very likely to use at least one of them in any given day. Check out the next topic below or choose your own subject from the menu above.

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