Swahili Imperative

Here are examples for the imperative in Swahili. This includes expressions of making requests, giving orders or simply asking someone to do something.

Go!: Enda!
Stop!: Simama!
Don't Go!: Usiende!
Stay!: Kaa!
Leave!: Toka!
Come here!: Njoo hapa!
Go there!: Enda pale!
Enter (the room)!: Ingia!
Speak!: Sema!
Be quiet!: Nyamaza! (kimya!)
Turn right: Pinda kulia
Turn left: Pinda kushoto
Go straight: Enda moja kwa moja
Wait!: Ngoja!
Let's go!: Twende!
Be careful!: Tahadhari!
Sit down!: Kaa chini!
Let me show you!: Ngoja nikuonyeshe!
Listen!: Sikiza!
Write it down!: Iandike!

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