Slovene Numbers

This page is about numbers in Slovene. Including the cardinal (counting) and ordinal (order) numbers. Each of which is used in a different situation.

One: ena
Two: dva
Three: tri
Four: štiri
Five: pet
Six: šest
Seven: sedem
Eight: osem
Nine: devet
Ten: deset
Eleven: enajst
Twelve: dvanajst
Thirteen: trinajst
Fourteen: štirinajst
Fifteen: petnajst
Sixteen: šestnajst
Seventeen: sedemnajst
Eighteen: osemnajst
Nineteen: devetnajst
Twenty: dvajset
Thirty three: triintrideset
One hundred: sto
Three hundred and sixty: tristo šestdeset
One thousand: tisoč

Here are some examples in Slovene for the cardinal numbers above.

Two thousand and fourteen: dve tisoč štirinajst
One million: milijon
I'm thirty years old: star sem tridest let
I have 2 sisters and one brother: imam dve sestri in enega brata

Now we move on to the ordinal numbers, which helps us organize things by order or rank.

First: prvi
Second: drugi
Third: tretji
Fourth: četrti
Fifth: peti
Sixth: šesti
Seventh: sedmi
Eighth: osmi
Ninth: deveti
Tenth: deseti
Eleventh: enajsti
Twelfth: dvanajsti
Thirteenth: trinajsti
Fourteenth: štirinajsti
Fifteenth: petnajsti
Sixteenth: šestnajsti
Seventeenth: sedemnajsti
Eighteenth: osemnajsti
Nineteenth: devetnajsti
Twentieth: dvajseti

And here are a couple sentences related to the ordinal numbers above.

English is my first language: angleščina je moj prvi jezik
Her second language is Spanish: njen drugi jezik je španščina
Once: enkrat
Twice: dvakrat

After this lesson about the numbers in Slovene, which included cardinal and ordinal numbers, now we move on to the next subject below. You can also choose your own topic from the menu above.

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