Russian Shopping

This is a list of expressions about shopping in Russian. Useful in supermarkets, sightseeing, and when haggling to get a good bargain.

How much is this?: Сколько это стоит? / Почём это?
Skol'ko jeto stoit? / Pochjom jeto?
Can you take less?: Можете / можешь взять меньше?
Mozhete / mozhesh' vzjat' men'she?
I'm just looking: (Я) просто смотрю
(Ja) prosto smotrju
This is too expensive: Это слишком дорого
Jeto slishkom dorogo
Do you accept credit cards?: Вы принимаете кредитки?
Vy prinimaete kreditki?
Only cash please!: Только наличные, пожалуйста
Tol'ko nalichnye, pozhalujsta

The following vocabulary is related to shopping places where you might need to buy goods or services.

Expensive: дорогой
Cheap: дешёвый
Cafe: кафетерий, кафе
kafeterij, kafe
Cinema: кинотеатр, кино
kinoteatr, kino
Supermarket: магазин, супермаркет
magazin, supermarket
Gas station: заправка
Museum: музей
Pharmacy: аптека
Credit card: кредитная карта, кредитка
kreditnaja karta, kreditka
Cash: наличные
Check: чек, квитанция
chek, kvitancija
Parking: парковка

Hopefully these expressions of shopping in Russian can help you get around town and get some good bargains. Check our menu above to select another topic or click the "Next" button to view the next lesson.

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