Romanian Phrases

Here is a collection of the most popular phrases in Romanian. This includes common expressions used on a daily basis including in casual conversations.

Long time no see: Nu v-am vazut de mult
I missed you: Mi-a fost dor de tine
What's new?: Ce e nou?
Nothing new: Nimic nou
Make yourself at home!: Simte-te ca acasa!
Have a good trip: Drum bun
Do you speak English?: Vorbiti engleza?
Just a little: Doar putin
What's your name?: Cum va numiti?
My name is (John Doe): Ma numesc (John Doe)
Mr.../ Mrs. .../ Miss...: Dl... / Dna... / Dra...
Nice to meet you!: Ma bucur sa va cunosc!
You're very kind!:
Where are you from?: De unde sunteti?
I'm from the U.S: Eu sunt din Statele Unite
I'm American: Eu sunt american
Where do you live?: Unde locuiti?
I live in the U.S: Eu locuiesc in Statele Unite
Do you like it here?: Va place acolo?
Who?: Cine?
Where?: Unde?
How?: Cum?
When?: Unde?
Why?: De ce?
What?: Ce?
By train: Cu trenul
By car: Cu masina
By bus: Cu autobusul
By taxi: Cu taxi
By airplane: Cu avionul
Malta is a wonderful country: Malta e o tara minunata
What do you do for a living?: Unde lucrati?
I'm a (teacher/ artist/ engineer): Eu sunt un (profesor / artist / inginer)
I like Maltese: Imi place malteza
I'm trying to learn Maltese: Incerc sa invat malteza
Oh! That's good!: Oh! Asta este bine!
Can I practice with you: Pot sa invat cu tine
How old are you?: Ce varsta aveti?
I'm (twenty, thirty...) Years old: Am (douazeci, treizeci...) de ani
Are you married?: Sunteti casatorit?
Do you have children?: Aveti copii?
I have to go: Trebuie sa plec
I will be right back!: Revin repede!
This: Acest
That: Acel
Here: Aici
There: Acolo
It was nice meeting you: Mi-a facut placere
Take this! (when giving something): Poftim!
Do you like it?: Va place?
I really like it!: Imi place intr-adevar!
I'm just kidding: Doar glumesc
I'm hungry: Mi-e foame
I'm thirsty: Mi-e sete
In The Morning: Dimineata
In the evening: Seara
At Night: Noaptea
Really!: Intr-adevar!
Look!: Uite!
Hurry up!: Grabeste-te!
What?: Ce?
Where?: Unde?
What time is it?: Cat este ceasul?
It's 10 o'clock: Este ora 10
Give me this!: Da-mi asta!
I love you: Te iubesc
Are you free tomorrow evening?: Sunteti liber maine seara?
I would like to invite you for dinner: Mi-ar placea sa va invit la cina
Are you married?: Sunteti casatorit?
I'm single: Sunt necasatorit
Would you marry me?: Vrei sa fii sotia mea?
Can I have your phone number?: Imi puteti da numarul dumneavoastra de telefon?
Can I have your email?: Imi puteti da adresa dumneavoastra de email?
You look beautiful! (to a woman): Sunteti frumoasa!
You have a beautiful name: Aveti un nume frumos
This is my wife: Aceasta este sotia mea
This is my husband: Acesta este sotul meu
I enjoyed myself very much: m-am simtit foarte bine
I agree with you: Sunt de acord cu dumneavoastra
Are you sure?: Sunteti sigur?
Be careful!: Fiti atent!
Cheers!: Salutari!
Would you like to go for a walk?: Doriti sa mergeti la o plimbare?
Holiday Wishes: Urari de Sarbatori
Good luck!: Noroc!
Happy birthday!: La multi ani!
Happy new year!: La multi ani!
Merry Christmas!: Craciun fericit!
Congratulations!: Felicitari!
Enjoy! (before eating): Pofta buna!
Bless you (when sneezing): Sanatate
Best wishes!: Cele mai calde urari!
Transportation: Mijloc de transport
It's freezing: Este foarte frig
It's cold: Este frig
It's hot: Este fierbinte
So so: Asa asa

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