Hebrew Pronouns

This is a list of pronouns in Hebrew. This includes subject, object, and the possessive. These are used on a daily basis, so don't skip this lesson. We start with the object pronouns such as "I, you, her ..."

I: אני
You: אתהאת
Ata / at
He: הוא
She: היא
We: אנחנו
You (pl.): אתםאתן
Atem / aten
They: הם / הן
Hem / hen

Here are samples to demonstrate how the object pronoun is used in a sentence.

I love you: אני אוהב / ת אותך
Ani ohev / et otkha / akh
She is beautiful: היא יפה
Hi yafa
We are happy: אנחנו שמחים
Anakhnu smekhim
They are dancing: הם רוקדים
Hem rokdim

Now we look into the subject pronoun such as "me, him, us, them ...".

Me: אותי
You: אותך
Otkha / Otakh
Him: אותו
Her: אותה
Us: אותנו
You (pl.): אתכםאתכן
Etkhem / Etkhen
Them: אותן אותם
Otam / Otan

These are examples to demonstrate how the subject pronoun is used in a sentence.

Give me your phone number: תן / תני לי את מספר הטלפון / אפשר לקבל את מספר הטלפון
Ten li et mispar ha-telefon shelkha / Efshar lekabel et mispar ha-telefon shelkha
I can give you my email: אני יכול / ה לתת לך את כתובת הדואר האלקטרוני
Ani yakhol / yekhola latet lekha et ktovet ha-doar ha elektroni sheli
Tell him to call me: תגיד / י לו שיתקשר אלי
Tag'id lo she yitkasher elai
Can you call us?: אתה / את יכול / ה להתקשר אילינו
Ata / at yakhol / yekhola lehitkasher elanu?

We reach now the possessive adjective part, used to refer to thing we possess. Examples: "my, our, their ...".

My: שלי
Your: שלך
Shelkha / Shelakh
His: שלו
Her: שלה
Our: שלנו
Your (pl.): שלכם
Shelakhem / shelakhen
Their: שלהם
Shela'em / Shela'en

Here are samples to demonstrate how the possessive adjective is used.

My phone number is . . .: מספר הטלפון שלי
Mispar ha-telefon sheli
His email is . . .: כתובת דואר האלקטרוני שלו
Ktovet do'ar ha-elektroni shelo
Our dream is to visit Spain: הלום שלנו הוא לבקר בספרד
Ha-khalom shelanu hu levaker be-sfarad
Their country is beautiful: הארץ שלהם יפה
Ha-eretz shela'em yafa

This is the possessive pronoun. Used as an alternative to the possessive adjectives above. Instead of saying "It is my dog" you can say "It is mine".

Mine: שלי
Yours: שלך
Shelkha / Shelakh
His: שלו
Hers: שלה
Ours: שלנו
Yours (pl.): שלכם
Shelakhem / Shelakhen
Theirs: שלהם
Shela'em / Shela'en

These are some examples of the possessive pronoun in a sentence.

The book is mine: הספר הזה שלי
Ha-sefer ha-ze sheli
Is this pen yours?: ?העט הזה שלך
Ha-et ha-ze shelkha?-
The shoes are hers: הנעליים שלה
Ha-na'alaim shela
Victory is ours: הניצחון שלנו
Ha-nitzakhon shelanu

This page contained a lot of useful information about the pronouns in Hebrew. This included the subject, object, and the possessive forms. Let's move on to the next subject below. Or choose your own topic from the menu above.

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