House in Gaelic

This is a list of house related words in Gaelic. These household objects are important to know because they're found in every part of a home.

Bed: leabaidh
Bedroom: seòmar-cadail
Carpet: brat
Ceiling: mullach-seòmar
Chair: cathair
Computer: compiutar
Desk: deasg
Door: doras
Furniture: àirneis
House: taigh
Kitchen: cidsin
Refrigerator: frids
Roof: mullach
Room: seòmar
Table: bòrd
Television: telebhisean
Toilet: taigh-beag
Window: uinneag
Stove: stòbha
Wall: balla

The following sentences contain some of the household items above which you might find handy.

I'm watching television: Tha mi a' coimhead telebhisean.
I need to use the toilet: Feumaidh mi dol dhan taigh-beag.
Can you close the door?: Am faod thu dùineadh an doras?
Can you open the window?: Am faod thu fosgladh an uinneag?
This room is very big: Tha an t-seòmar glè mhòr.
I need to use the computer: Feumaidh mi an compiutar cleachdadh.

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