Gaelic Gender

This page discusses the gender in Gaelic. Below is a list of masculine (man) and feminine (woman) words. We picked the most popular ones.

Boy: balach
Girl: nighean
Man: fear
Woman: bean
Father: athair
Mother: màthair
Brother: bràthair
Sister: piuthar
Actor: cleasaiche
Actress: bana-chleasaiche
Cat (m): cat
Cat (f):

These examples show a sentence with both genders (masculine or feminine). The list includes the use of nouns, adjectives and pronouns.

He is tall: Tha e àrd.
She is tall: Tha i àrd.
He is a short man: 'S e fear beag a th' ann.
She is a short woman: 'S e bean bheag a th' innte.
He is German: Tha e Gearmailteach.
She is German: Tha i Gearmailteach.
Japanese men are friendly: Tha fir Seapanach cairdeil.
Japanese women are friendly: Tha mnathan Seapanach cairdeil.

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