Flemish Animals

This is a list of animals in Flemish. You will find common words including domestic pets, farm livestock, wild creatures and even insects.

Bird: vogel
Cat: kat / poes
Cow: koe
Dog: hond
Donkey: ezel
Eagle: arend
Elephant: olifant
Goat: geit
Horse: paard
Lion: leeuw
Monkey: aap
Mouse: muis
Rabbit: konijn
Snake: slang
Tiger: tijger
Sheep (pl.): schapen
Spider: spin
Insect: insect
Mosquito: mug
Butterfly: vlinder
Bear: beer
Animal: dier
Farm: boerderij
Forest: bos

The following sentences might come in handy in a conversation when socializing or in a pet store.

I have a dog: ik heb een hond
She likes cats: Zij houdt van katten.
Tigers are fast: tijgers zijn snel
Monkeys are funny: Apen zijn grappig
Do you have any animals?: Heb jij dieren?
Do you sell dog food?: Verkoopt u hondeneten?

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