Esperanto Places

This is a list of places in Esperanto. Helpful vocabulary when discussing buildings you would like to go to, or pointing out natural landscapes.

Bank: banko
Hospital: hospitalo
Desert: dezerto
Earth: tero
Forest: arbaro
Garden: ĝardeno
Island: insulo
River: rivero
Lake: lago
Sea: maro
Sky: ĉielo
Sun: suno
Moon: luno
Stars: steloj
Mountain: monto
Beach: plaĝo

These are some expressions showing how you can use the above words in a complete sentence, after including adjectives and personal pronouns.

I can see the stars: Mi povas vidi la stelojn
I want to go to the beach: Mi volas iri al strando
This is a beautiful garden: Tio estas bela ĝardeno
The moon is full tonight: La luno estas plena ĉi-nokte

We hope that the above words and expressions of places in Esperanto have been helpful. For more lessons click the "Next" button, or choose your own subject from the menu above.

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