Bulgarian Questions

This page provides information about the questions in Bulgarian, also called the interrogative form. This will enable you to ask people about different topics.

How?: как?
What?: какво?
Who?: кой?
Why?: защо?
Where?: Къде?
When?: кога?

These are sentences which include the above tools to ask questions. Asking questions is a very good way to learn a language or start a conversation.

What is this called?: Как се казва това?
Kak se kazva tova?
Why is it expensive?: Защо е скъпо?
Zashto e skapo?
How would you like to pay?: Как би искал да платиш?
Kak bi iskal da platish?
Can I come?: Мога ли да дойда?
Moga li da doyda?
Do you know her?: Познаваш ли я?
Poznavash li ya?
How difficult is it?: Колко трудно е?
Kolko trudno e?
Can I help you?: Мога ли да ти помогна?
Moga li da ti pomogna?
Can you help me?: Може ли да ми помогнеш?
Mozhe li da mi pomognesh?
Do you speak English?: Говориш ли английски език?
Govorish li angliyski ezik?
How far is this?: Колко далече е това?
Kolko daleche e tova?
What time is it?: Колко е часът?
Kolko e chasat?
How much is this?: Колко е това?
Kakvo e tova?
What is your name?: Как е името ти?
Kak e imeto ti?
Where do you live?: Къде живееш?
Kade zhiveesh?
When can we meet?: Кога можем да се срещнем?
Koga mozhem da se sreshtnem?
Who is knocking at the door?: Кой чука на вратата?
Koy chuka na vratata?

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