Brazilian Articles

Here are examples of the articles in Brazilian. This includes the use of (a, the, many, and some). As well as demonstrative adjectives (this, that ...).

The yellow pen is easy to find: a caneta amarela é fácil de achar
A yellow pen is easy to find: uma caneta amarela é fácil de encontar
A French teacher is here: uma professora de francês está aqui(fem)
The French teacher is here: o professor de francês está aqui (masc.)
Some languages are hard: Algumas idiomas são difíceis
Many languages are easy: Muitas lenguagens são fáceis
The student speaks Korean: O aluno fala coreano (masc.)
A student speaks Korean: Um aluno fala coreano (masc.)
Some students speak Korean: Alguns alunos falam coreano
Many students speak Korean: Muitos alunos falam coreano
This student speaks Korean: Este aluno fala coreano
That student speaks Korean: Aquele aluno fala coreano
These students speak Korean: Estes estudantes falam coreano
Those students speak Korean: Aqueles estudantes falam coreano

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