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Welcome to our free Gujarati lessons provided by the language apps site. As you can see on the side menus, we have several lessons related to vocabulary, phrases as well as grammar. We also provide multimedia pages which offer interactive content and apps.

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Here is a list of the lessons we offer: Greetings, Colors, Family, Body, Time, Clothes, Food, Fruits, Animals, Mistakes, Shopping, Restaurant, Travel, Survival, Directions, Weather, Languages, Nationalities, Countries, School, House, Places, Objects, Phrases, Alphabet, Numbers, Adjectives, Adverbs, Plural, Gender, Pronouns, Articles, Questions, Verbs, Present, Past, Future, Prepositions, Negation, Imperative, Comparative and much more.

The left menu deals with vocabulary. While the right menu deals with grammar and other services. So you can start the lessons from either side. Below is a suggestion where you can begin.

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Gujarati Greetings

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Gujarati Numbers

Gujarati Numbers

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