Time in German

This is a list of time related words in German. This includes days, months, seasons. Very helpful basic vocabulary for anyone. Let's start with days!

Days: Wochentage
Monday: Montag
Tuesday: Dienstag
Wednesday: Mittwoch
Thursday: Donnerstag
Friday: Freitag
Saturday: Samstag
Sunday: Sonntag

Now we move on to the 12 months of the year. What fun!

January: Januar
February: Februar
March: März
April: April
May: Mai
June: Juni
July: Juli
August: August
September: September
October: Oktober
November: November
December: Dezember

Now let's learn about the seasons, hour, minutes and second...

Autumn: Herbst
Winter: Winter
Spring: Frühling
Summer: Sommer
Seasons: Jahreszeiten
Months: Monate
Time: Zeit
Hour: Stunde
Minute: Minute
Second: Sekunde

Finally we get to the senences section. This is where you will see some of the above time related words used in a common phrase.

Yesterday was Sunday: Gestern war Sonntag
Today is Monday: Heute ist Montag
See you tomorrow!: Bis morgen!
I will visit you in August: Ich werde du im August besuchen.
Winter is very cold here: Winter ist sehr kalt hier
I was born in July: Ich war im Juli geboren.

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