Nationality in German

This is a list of some common nationalities in German. It is a nice addition to our other 2 pages: Languages and Countries.

British: Briten
Moroccan: Marokkaner / Marokkanerin
Chinese: Chinese / Chinesin
Brazilian: Brasilianer / Brasilianerin
American: Amerikaner / Amerikanerin
French: Franzosen
German: Deutsche
Greek: Grieche / Griechin
Israeli: Israeli
Indian: Inder
Irish: Iren
Italian: Italiener / Italienerin
Japanese: Japaner / Japanerin
Korean: Koreaner / Koreanerin
Iranian: Iraner / Iranerin
Portuguese: Portugiese / Portugiesin
Russian: Russe / Russin
Spanish: Spanisch
Swedish: Schwedisch
Pakistani: Pakistaner / Pakistanerin

Now we will put some of the words above into a sentence which you might use in a regular conversation about citizenship. All you need is to swap the nationality but keep the same sentence structure.

I'm Italian: Ich bin Italiener / Ich bin Italienerin
My wife is Korean: Meine Ehefrau ist Koreanisch.
My father is Greek: Mein Vater ist Griechisch.
I have an American car: Ich habe ein amerikanisches Auto
I love French cheese: Ich liebe Französisch Käse
He has a Moroccan rug: Er hat einen marokkanischen Teppich

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