Galician Imperative

Here are examples for the imperative in Galician. This includes expressions of making requests, giving orders or simply asking someone to do something.

Go!: vamos!
Stop!: para! (informal) / pare! (polite)
Don't Go!: non vaias! (informal) / non vaia (polite)
Stay!: queda! (informal) / quede! (polite)
Leave!: marcha! (informal) / marche! (polite)
Come here!: ven aquí! (informal) / veña aquí (polite)
Go there!: vai alí! (informal) / vaia alí (polite)
Enter (the room)!: entra (informal) / entre (polite) (Na habitación)!
Speak!: fala! (informal) / fale! (polite)
Be quiet!: estate quieto! (informal) / estea quieto! (polite)
Turn right: xira (informal) / xire (polite) á dereita
Turn left: xira (informal) / xire (polite) á esquerda
Go straight: segue (informal) / siga (polite) recto
Wait!: espera! (informal) / espere! (polite)
Let's go!: imos!
Be careful!: ten (informal) / teña (polite) coidado!
Sit down!: séntate! (informal) / séntese (polite)
Let me show you!: déixame mostrarche (informal) / déixeme mostrarlle (polite)
Listen!: escoita! (informal) / escoite! (polite)
Write it down!: escríbeo! (informal) / escríbao! (polite)

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