Galician Body Parts

This is a list of body parts in Galician. This can enable you describe parts of the human body with ease. We focused on the main used ones.

Mouth: boca
Nose: nariz
Tongue: lingua
Teeth: dentes
Ear: orella
Eye: ollo
Face: faciana
Head: cabeza
Neck: pescozo
Arm: brazo
Shoulder: ombreiro
Chest: peito
Back: costas
Fingers: dedos
Feet: pés
Hair: cabelo
Hand: man
Heart: corazón
Leg: perna
Stomach: estómago

These samples show how body parts are used in Galician. You will learn how to use nouns (parts of the body) with adjectives and prepositions (such as the preposition "with").

She has beautiful eyes: Ela ten os ollos bonitos
You hear with your ears: Oes coas túas orellas
We see with our eyes: Vemos cos nosos ollos
I smell with my nose: Ulo co meu nariz
He feels with his hand: Toca coa súa man (el)
She tastes with her tongue: Saborea coa súa lingua (ela)

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